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Environmental crime is a serious threat to the future of the planet. We exist to end it.

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Ambitus is a European programme to tackle environmental crime.

From 2020 to 2022, our project is funded by the European Commission via the Internal Security Fund – Police. Waste traffic, trafficking of endangered species and illegal logging are the three priorities identified by the European Union.
Environmental crime knows no borders. Collaborating on a transnational level is fundamental to the strategy of our European project. Supported by the French National Gendarmerie, represented by the Central Office Against Environmental and Public Health Crimes (OCLAESP), the Italian International Affairs Institute (IAI) think tank, the French National School for the Judiciary (ENM) and the Hungarian and Slovak police forces, Ambitus combines expertise and experience from a total of 15 European countries and two international agencies. Our multidisciplinary approach brings together all the key players working to tackle these offences, the devastating effects of which impact us all (police officers, magistrates, academics, journalists, NGOs and the general public).

Acting at European level to protect our environment

Our integrated approach with an international dimension makes it possible to cover a broad range of activities in the fight against environmental crimes.

Raise awareness
Implementation of an awareness campaign aimed at European citizens
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Raise awareness
Implementation of an awareness campaign aimed at European citizens
Development of international cooperation between the European Union and the countries of the Western Balkans and South-East Asia
Transnational inspection operations in the transit areas identified as sensitive.
Creation of national contact points and task forces, coordination of a network of European experts
Development of a specific distance learning tool for police services and organisation of thematic international seminars for magistrates
Analysis of the impact of environmental crime at European level and in each member state.

Some data on Ambitus


The budget allocated for the project by the European Commission


The number of participating countries, the vast majority from the EU


The duration of the programme in years


The countries involved in the creation of a distance learning tool dedicated to environmental crime


Magistrates from Europe, the Balkans and Asia who participated in the first specialist seminar

Inform and alert Europeans

We are committed to developing our action based on the aspirations of European citizens, whose lives are directly impacted by environmental crime. Our #DontDoAnything campaign aims to raise awareness of this phenomenon among the general public, via videos on themes such as poaching and waste traffic.

Street interviews - Illegal logging
Street interviews - Illegal logging
Street interviews - Waste traffic
Street interviews - Trafficking of endangered species

For further information

Press review and downloadable documents about Ambitus.

Illegal logging report
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Illegal logging report
Final report
General Presentation
Preliminary Report
Preliminary Report - Executive Summary
Newsletter January 2021
Newsletter December 2020
Newsletter November 2020
Newsletter October 2020

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